China Data and Insights

The category-specific marketing dashboards help you optimise your strategy, comms, price and discounting, trend spotting, new product development, benchmarking and planning.





Actionable, considered, creative and concise insights & recommendations tailored to your unique needs with personal and responsive service.

  • Unique Localised Research

    China is one of a kind and our methodologies reflect that, with global research models and concepts supporting tools tailor-made for China.
  • Entry, Growth & Digital Strategy

    We cut through the noise and distil insights to create relevant and actionable plans no matter where you are on the China journey.
  • Trend Analysis

    With our cross-market experience we look far beyond your category to find the trends set to impact you.
  • City & Region Insights

    Wealth, opportunity and demand is quickly surging throughout China, and looking beyond the Tier 1 trap may be the right direction for you.
  • Branding & Positioning

    It's an increasingly competitive market and a distinctive brand voice is needed now more than ever. Make sure it resonates.
  • New Product Development

    As confidence grows, Chinese want more products and services tailored to them. Understand how you can evolve your offerings for China.


We’ve worked with over 150 brands across 26 categories with a 90% return / referral rate from clients.

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