Simon Chen
Simon Chen
25 August 2020 0 Comments

On August 19, we were among more than 2,000 exhibitors and 80,000 professionals gathered in Shanghai for the 23rd Pet Fair Asia at Shanghai New International Expo Centre.

The Centre now has 17 halls (an increase from 14 halls in 2019) and 225,000 m² (up from 185,000 m² last year) of exhibition space, making this year’s exhibition the largest for pet supplies globally.

Pet Fair Asia 2020

Looking at data from Pet Fair Asia over the past three years, we can see a rapid and significant shift in industry interest towards Asian markets with estimated numbers of both exhibitors and professionals.

Asia Pet Fair stats

While the rate of increase in attendees slowed down in 2020, the main reason for this was the pandemic. Of last year’s attendees, 8,656 were overseas professionals, making up 12.9% of the total. Excluding this percentage, we can still see a significant increase in attendees since 2019.

Although foreign brands were prevented from attending this year’s expo due to travel restrictions, there was an increased number of exhibitors, indicating a rise in Chinese pet brands. Many Chinese brands are now offering high end pet food with quality ingredients and good nutritional value. These products, brands claim, have enabled them to create a sub-brand which is benchmarked against Orijen, a well-known pet food brand from Canada.

Many new foreign brands are entering the China market themselves with the assistance of local distributors. Some of these are getting support from national trade bureaus, such as New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE), whose hall at the Expo included New Zealand brands such as Zeal, Omega Plus, and Bowls & Bowls, amongst others.

With the development of the Asian pet industry, a rising trend is to make pets appear more like humans, through dressing them in stylish clothes, providing pet insurance, introducing pet dating apps, pet funeral services, pet beautifying parlours, pet training centers, and even taxi services and house cleaning specifically for pet owners. Also on display at the Expo were high-tech machines, like automatic feeders, waterers, self-cleaning litter boxes (all of which include sterilization functions) and automated pet toys.

pet taxi China

Livestreams are becoming a key means of exposure for pet brands, with key opinion leaders (KOLs) adding a layer of trust between consumers and sellers. As it seems with every event in China nowadays, there were the livestreaming rooms – here’s a peak into a few including famous pet food KOL Lao Yang…

Pet Livestream Room
Pet Fair Asia livestreamingKOL livestreaming pets

The record attendance at Pet Fair Asia is another indicator of how much opportunity China’s pet care market presents, valued at over USD $223 billion in 2019. China Skinny has worked with numerous pet brands and would welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can assist your brand to win the hearts of Chinese pet lovers. Contact us today!