Tracy Dai
16 March 2020 0 Comments

Take a tour of Shanghai’s Jing’An Park on a sunny Sunday 21°C (70°F) afternoon on 15 March. Over the past weeks, all confirmed coronavirus cases in Shanghai have been imported, seeing the containment measures gradually lessened. This policy includes reopening Jing’An Park on 13 March along with 197 other parks. By 20 March, almost all of Shanghai’s parks, up to 335, are expected to be reopened.

Many of the new measures continue: standard temperature checks continue – ensuring visitors’ temperatures are under 37.3°C (99.1°F), park numbers are limited, the food & beverage outlet has clear signs noting its sterilisation, and most people wear face masks. Yet small groups of people enjoying some social interaction without face masks illustrating how people are less concerned about the virus than a couple of weeks ago.

Here are other videos of China including Hema Supermarket and how people are lining up for their favourite food.