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16 January 2013 0 Comments

Last week it was the chilly weather keeping Beijingers in, this week it’s been their rotten pollution. There’s little doubt most online retailers are benefitting from shoppers keeping out of the coal-fuelled smog; online store Taobao reports that sales of masks and air purifiers have soared in particular.

Nevertheless, there’s a lot more going on in China right now than Beijing its pollution. As you may have read from our post on China’s smaller cities last week, there are about 700 Chinese settlements with more people than Geneva, all full of consumers looking for food, cars, holidays and luxury goods. This week we’ve got more articles outlining the opportunities that exist in the ‘smaller’ cities along with the usual roundup. Like every week, we hope you find some helpful information below.

Chinese consumers Chinese Consumers

How 2nd-4th Tier Consumers Hold the Key to Not Only China’s, but the World’s Economy: China’s Tier 2 & 3 cities markets are now 4 times greater than Tier 1 cities. A summary of Ogilvy China’s new study shows consumers in smaller cities remain proud on traditions & customers, but want to embrace modren culture and purchasing habits.

Developing a Salesforce in Tier 2 & 3 Chinese Cities: How Mary Kay built a sales force in China to become one of the leading cosmetic brands in Tier 2 & 3 cities: Ensuring advertising & staff training communications were localised to convey how Mary Kay’s values aligned with Chinese values & culture, in addition to strict rules on how sales people conduct themselves and product.

Chinese consumers Chinese Internet & Social Media

Are You Making these 7 Business Mistakes in Chinese Social Media?: 7 Traps to be aware of with social media in China, 6 months old but still relevant.

Tmall Now Lets US Food Companies Ship Directly to Chinese Consumers: TMall is allowing Chinese consumers to buy American food directly, just in time for the feasting at Chinese New Year.

Sina Weibo Manager Discloses Internal Censorship Practices: A Sina Weibo manager has disclosed internal censorship practices – I don’t envy his job.

Chinese consumers Outbound Chinese Tourists

Everyone Wants a Chinese Tourist in 2013: How 30+ Countries Plan to Lure Them In: A summary 30+ countries’ activity to gain more Chinese tourism including some dark horses – Pakistan and Kazikstan.

Chinese consumers Chinese Auto & Marine

Continent in Crisis: China Overtakes Sluggish Europe in Car Sales: More cars sold in China than Europe in 2012, and by 2030, the Chinese market is picked to be bigger than Europe & US combined. 2013 is also expected to be the year that more cars are produced in China than Europe.

Boat Show May See 30% Sales Growth: Boats appear to be coming increasingly popular with wealthy Chinese as a Chinese boat show expects 30% more turnover this year. Just don’t go sailing into disputed waters.

Chinese consumers Chinese Luxury Goods

Luxury Without Borders: China’s New Class of Shoppers Take on the World: McKinsey’s Chinese consumer spending on luxury report following 1,000 face to face interviews. A good insight into the world’s largest luxury market.

The Coolest New Status Symbols Among China’s Wealthy: There’s a niche for everything, but wealthy Chinese consumers are helping their image with old cars and pianos. There’s even talk of uber high-end bikes being the new status symbol for China’s nouveau rich.

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