Mark Tanner
10 July 2012 0 Comments

There is a common perception in the West that Chinese lack creativity – great rote learners and copiers, but not too creative when it comes coming up with something new and original.  Well the folk down at Forrester Research spend 2011 surveying 330,000 Social Media Users and uncovered some very interesting facts that may change your perceptions about Chinese creativity.

When it comes to Social Media, the ‘uncreative’ Chinese are actually more than three times more creative that their counterparts in the USA and Europe.  If business in China is starting to awaken, the Internet has been up for hours, having devoured breakfast, done pilates, read the news and looking for the next task of the day.

Forrester Research’s definition of a Social Media Creator was someone who:

  • Publishes a blog
  • Publishes their own web pages
  • Uploads videos they create
  • Uploads music they create
  • Writes & posts articles or stories

In Europe, just 23% of social media users are considered ‘creators’.  Across the Atlantic in America, the land of Google, Facebook, Twitter and umpteen other Internet revolutions, its just 24%.  Sail a few thousand miles across the Pacific and you’ll find 76% of social media users are creating.  More than three quarters!  After decades, Chinese citizens finally have a voice, and they’re making the most of it…

International Creativity Online



The Weibo Facts:

  • 76% of Social Media users in China are ‘creators’
  • 24% of Social Media users in the USA are ‘creators’
  • 23% of Social Media users in Europe are ‘creators’