Nadja Rauscher
26 September 2016 0 Comments

Connecting with Chinese Consumers

Gaining exposure in China can be challenging – not just for new brands, but also for brands who already have an established presence in the market.  The most successful companies are those who are aware of the latest marketing channels and opportunities, and embrace them in a way that is relevant to their target markets.

Adopting the right marketing channels soon after they launch is often much more cost effective than waiting until every other brand is having a go.  This enables brands to establish a foothold before the channel becomes too competitive, and also capture consumers while the method is still novel and new – something Chinese consumers love.


Alibaba’s Tmall Live Marketing Platform

Alibaba recently launched Tmall Live, a modern take on China’s popular TV Shopping networks.  Viewers watch live streaming videos from brands official store on the Tmall Smartphone app to learn about the brand and products, with the ability to purchase products at promotional rates and win prizes.  The platform takes advantage of the interactivity that only the Internet allows: allowing viewers to engage with the live stream hosts, the brand and each other, asking questions, comments and liking.Comvita_Head-Office

Comvita’s Tmall Live Campaign

Comvita is the best-known Manuka honey brand in China and globally.  Having been in the China market for more than 20 years, it is an established leader in the fast-growing natural health category.

China Skinny worked with Comvita and their Chinese distributor to build on this brand leadership through a Tmall Live stream to increase awareness of Comvita and its products and what makes its honey products so special.

One of Comvita’s key brand pillars is the pure, GM free source of its New Zealand honey and its stringent, hi-tech product development and production facilities.  To reinforce this positioning, we broadcasted the 90-minute show live from Comvita’s headquarters in New Zealand.

Viewers got the inside scoop into Comvita’s New Zealand stunning visitor centre and technical, production and warehousing facilities, going beyond sites that are normally available to the public.  All this happened through the convenience of a smartphone in China.


Selling the Comvita Dream

The live stream focused on Comvita’s compelling brand story, with its founder living almost 103 years thanks to his healthy lifestyle.  Comvita experts such as charismatic co-founder Alan Bougen, humorous Technology GM Tony Wright and charming product manager Charlotte Jones all provided useful facts translated on the fly by the exemplary hosts Monica Mu and Stef Qi.


The Comvita employees gave their personal experiences from using Comvita products, allowing viewers to learn more about the products and educating them about how best to consume them.

China Skinny took the time to understand the target markets’ needs and wants, and ensured content made a direct connection between the benefits of Comvita products and how they assisted in viewers achieving health, beauty, career, family and lifestyle goals.


Users’ comments and questions came in fast and wide, with 79,000 comments and 263,000 likes during the 120-minute live stream.  Popular subjects were prompted by the direction of the script, covering UMF and other grading systems to determine the quality of Manuka honey, and perceptions of the use of Manuka honey. The session also provided some valuable consumer insights into areas for future education, with shoppers asking questions even before the live feed started.

The Tmall Live stream was tied in with Comvita’s official Tmall store and included quizzes, vouchers and animations, creating an alluring environment with the thrill of being part of a special event that was taking place in New Zealand. The engagement from viewers indicated that the informative, educational and fun live stream appealed to the affluent urban women target market throughout China.


Tmall Live provides your brand and products another great and measurable opportunity to build awareness and ultimately sales.  It can be even more effective when tied in with other marketing initiatives.

Get in touch today to find out more about creating relevant and engaging content and how China Skinny can assist you with successful marketing to Chinese consumers.