Ann Bierbower
Ann Bierbower
29 January 2016 0 Comments

To make waves in the China market, you need more than just the right sales agreements and communications platforms. Having a China-optimised website, solid social media channels, and sales channels doesn’t necessarily mean consumers will come running. So, what will entice the ever-morphing Chinese consumer?

One essential aspect is using those channels in appealing and engaging ways to represent and promote your brand story. Consumers today are looking for something more than ordinary marketing strategies. They are looking for brands and items that not only understand them but also speak to them and their key concerns and to be a part of their lives.

Relevant to Your Target Market

Chinese consumers are bombarded by countless commercials every day. Between ads popping up on their phones, fliers being handed out and commercial breaks interrupting their streamed TV shows, they are no stranger to advertisements. To break through the clutter your message must really speak to the consumer, and ensure that it is in the right context.

Whether your target market is a tech-savvy millennial, a busy working mother, or grandpa Zhou, speaking to your target market in a way and on platforms familiar to them is vital. For example, the older generation is not as familiar with social media so using more traditional means to reach them can lead to success. The 80’s and 90’s generation use their phone as an extension of their body, but mobile ad messaging can be competitive.

To find out what truly matters to your target market, it is necessary to understand not only modern day mind sets, perceptions, and views, but also historical and cultural influencers.


Timely Messages

With the amount of messaging received by consumers, hitting them at the right time is vital. Not many have time to check their phone and spend time reading their WeChat messages at 10am, but come lunch time, 5pm and 10pm, the peak time for using WeChat, everyone is face down in their screen.  To allow maximum exposure plan your messages accordingly. Regardless of your location, your messaging must be conveniently timed to target the consumer and not only what is convenient for you.

Don’t be afraid to try a few different timings when posting. Track and analyse to see what receives the most views and engagement. But don’t stick to just one time forever on, try a few things to see what works and what doesn’t.


Engaging Content

From belly button challenge to face-kinis China does not shy away from the strange, weird or wacky.  Finding unique ways to promote your content without being obnoxious or offensive is a good way to gain exposure in the China market. Don’t be afraid to get weird, but make sure that weird is aligned with Chinese likes and trends.  For example, Durex is a leader in innovative offerings and marketing. To market their intimate product, they created a character called Little Dudu, who promoted brand communications with messages, pictures, video, sexual health information, and emotional support. Dudu provided a fun channel to reach consumers in a way that was comfortable and not confronting to them.


Content entirely about products or services will likely bore consumers who see right through blatant sales promotions. This type of behaviour can also drive consumers away as it does not attempt to connect with them on a personal level. Sydney Airport is using  engaging WeChat content to connect with the influx of Chinese travellers coming through. Their content ranges from fun cartoons featuring a Chinese couple and their travels to Australia and products coveted after by Chinese consumers to useful information addressing key concerns such as how to apply and obtain tax refunds after shopping up a storm.

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In Conclusion

Getting on the right channels is one of the first steps to reaching the Chinese consumer. To make waves with your target market means understanding their wants and needs and how to deliver these in a style comfortable, appealing and engaging to the consumers. To understand your target market or assist with your marketing needs be in touch today.