Mark Tanner
21 July 2014 0 Comments

Australia has long been known for its stunning beaches, peculiar marsupials, the Opera House and a big red rock.  But now Australia has become recognised as the most welcoming country for Chinese tourists according to the 2014 tourism report.  With 39% of those surveyed considering Australia a welcoming country, it was streets ahead of the number 2 placed country Singapore at 29%. The French, not known for their politeness, came in as the top European destination tying for third with the South Koreans and loveable Kiwis at 28%.  Asian destinations are perceived as the most welcoming overall to Chinese earning four of the top-10 spots, in light of some political tensions.

The positive perception of hospitality will bode well for the countries far beyond the tourist operators, with food and beverage, property and a slew of other segments standing to benefit. 

Those countries most welcoming to Chinese visitors, also rank highly in the wish list of places to visit.  The Aussies topped the most desired destination as well, although it was more popular with the over-35 year olds at 56%, than the under-35s at 51%.  France and New Zealand rounded out the top-3.

Most Welcoming Detinations for Chinese Tourists:
1   39% Australia
2   29% Singapore
3= 28% New Zealand
3= 28% France
3= 28% South Korea
6   26% Hong Kong
7   24% USA
8= 23% Taiwan
8= 23% Canada
10  18% Germany

Detinations Chinese Would Like to Travel to the Most:
1  Australia
2  France
3  New Zealand
4  USA
5  Switzerland
6  Canada
7  UK
8  Singapore
9  Hong Kong
10  Germany

When choosing a destination, safety was the primary concern for 48% of travellers, up from 43% in 2013. Historic/heritage sites was the next most important factor at 37%, followed by cuisine at 29%. Value for money was the forth most important factor at 26%, although Chinese must be feeling richer as it was less of a concern than 2013’s 30%.  Shopping climbed to 23% from 17% in 2013. 

And if you’re beating yourself up trying to get returning visitors, 95% of Chinese tourists are interested in visiting a new place rather than returning to places they’ve enjoyed in the past.  That mirrors loyalty characteristics in many industries.

It’s probably best to focus on having them encourage their networks to visit as well.  84% share their trip on social media during and after the holiday, with 93% of under-35s doing so.  For the under-35s, 42% consult social media when planning a trip away.