Nissa Qian
1 March 2022 0 Comments

The last frontier of China’s online world are its elderly. Unlike China’s youth who have the highest online use in the world, its seniors are lagging behind most developed countries for internet use and penetration. That is changing, elderly are now the fastest growing demographic coming online.

Being online enables elderly to research and learn more about products, services and brands and buy more online, which allows brands to reach them easier. Their preferences are also slowly changing, presenting opportunities for more premium foreign brands to connect with the fast-growing demographic. There were already 258 million over-60s in China in 2021, but by 2050 are forecast to number 486 million. Many of those consumers joining the segment will have grown up with consumerism, so will be an even more appealing target audience for brands.

Yet elderly Chinese consumers expect brands to understand their unique needs and behaviour, and will reward those who do with their custom. Here’s a small snippet of China’s silver surfers to help you understand how they behave online.


Chinese online elderly infographic


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