Simon Chen
15 December 2020 0 Comments

When Chinese consumers are looking for facts, Baidu is the go-to for many. Here’s a list of the most-searched items of the year on China’s leading search engine which may give you some clues into the thoughts and interests of Chinese consumers:

Keyword of the Year:

1. The Pandemic
2. Moderately prosperous
3. Face Mask
4. China’s Mars Exploration
5. Return to China
6. 70th Anniversary of Resisting US Aggression and Aiding Korea
7. The Relationship Between China and US
8. Nothing But Thirty
9. Sisters Riding the Winds and Breaking the Waves
10. Kobe’s Death

Event of the Year:

1. The Pandemic
2. Wuhan Lockdown
3. Oversea Students Return China
4. Mars Exploration
5. Work and Production Resumption
6. The US Presidential Election
7. China Issued The Civil Code
8. US Stock Triggered “Circuit Breaker”
9. The People’s Bank of China Cut the Reserve Requirement Ratio
10. Moderately prosperous

Tears of the Year:

1. National Mourning
2. Anti-Pandemic Hero
3. Kobe’s Death
4. Zhao ZhongXiang’s Death
5. Shen Jilan’s Death
6. Xi Chang Firefighter’s Death
7. Founding Major General Chen Shaokun’s Death
8. Maradona’s Death
9. Little Girl Learning Under the Chopping Board
10. Explosion in Lebanon

National Pride of the Year:

1. China’s Mars Exploration Mission
2. Zhong Nanshan
3. The Guard of Honor Performed at the Red Square in Russia
4. BeiDou Navigation Satellite System Launched
5. New Infrastructure
6. The Civil Code
7. 70th Anniversary of Resisting US Aggression and Aiding Korea
8. Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope Official Opening
9. China Diplomatic Group
10. Huoshenshan Hospital Construction

Lifestyles of the Year:

1. Face Mask
2. Selling Products Through Livestreams
3. Work from Home
4. Online Courses
5. Refuse Bushmeat
6. Exercise At Home
7. Cloud Social
8. Take-out Food Economy
9. Haircuts at Home
10. Domestic Travel

Knowledge Words of the Year

1. 2019-nCoV
2. Versailles Literature
3. Nucleic Acid Detection
4. Involution
5. 715 Working System
6. Workplace PUA
7. New Infrastructure
8. Cloud Supervision
9. Flexible Working Time
10. Stock Circuit Breaker

Technology Words of the Year

1. Facial Recognition While Wearing Face Masks
2. Quantum Computation
3. Virtual Human
4. Brain-computer Interface
5. Unmanned Taxi
6. Industrial Internet of Things
7. Elastic Compute Service
8. Industry Intelligence
9. Artificial Neural Network
10. Intelligent Traffic Lights