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17 July 2012 0 Comments

Below is the weekly roundup of recent articles that should help you better understand the constantly changing dynamics of China's marketplace. This week you'll get a better insight into Chinese consumers, food and beverage and social media in the Middle Kingdom.

Understanding Chinese Consumers

Three Myths About Chinese Consumers: A well circulated article illustrating the evolving Chinese market, challenging commonly held beliefs about Chinese consumer habits such as not spending money on their homes, a love of flashy bling and Chinese not enjoying experience. 

Chinese shoppers less loyal to brands: An interesting insight into Chinese consumer’s varied loyalty towards products in the increasingly competitive and crowded Chinese market.

China’s Promiscuous Consumers: And another insight into China’s consumers’ loyalty to brands and their tendency to be adventurous when trying out new brands and products. 

Chinese consumers savvier: Findings from American Chamber of Commerce research has indicated that Chinese consumers are maturing and are prepared to pay more for better quality goods, but are increasingly expecting better value for money.

‘Capture China’s Consumers, Capture China’s Women’: An article on the importance of focusing marketing to China’s influential women, like in many countries including some helpful rationale and pointers.

Getting Chinese to stop saving and start spending is a hard sell: Just as everyone knows trying to sell to Chinese consumers is a difficult and crowded marketplace, this report identifies how it is more difficult to get Chinese to consume than the American and European cousins.

Fakes and status in China: An interesting insight into Chinese consumers perceptions of luxury goods and the rip-offs from the Economist.

Food and Beverage in China

China's Food Fright: An interesting insight into China’s food safety issues and the unlimited export opportunities for western food producers if they can navigate the gauntlet.

Will the Chinese consumer drink Chinese milk? Maybe, if it’s part Danish: The changing attitudes towards milk in China and its increasing importance for western companies as they increasingly tap into the largest growth opportunities on the planet.

Wine Label Study Shows Brands Should Speak to the Chinese: Studies have shown that Chinese wine consumers are not just purchasing wines that appear to be from the old world, and are increasingly open to labelling directed more to their tastes.

Chinese wine consumers steer clear of modern labels, says research: Contrary to the previous research, this article recommends sticking to the old and traditional labelling for wine – that’s China, the land of contradictions.

China to drink more white wine, says study: And not surprisingly, white wine’s appeal in China is on the up, especially for high quality varieties such as New Zealand’s Sauvignon Blanc – it still only accounts for around 85% of wine consumption in China though.

Chinese Social Media

The Rise of Social Media in China: A nice infograph outlining the staggering numbers of social media in China and just how relevant it has become as a channel to target Chinese consumers.

Marc Jacobs shifts gears to bolster Chinese social media: Marc Jacobs is joining the increasing pool of luxury brands targeting Chinese consumers using Weibo to increase sales in loyalty in the market.

China’s Rise in Social Media Marketing: A helpful overview of China’s social media landscape and how it now influences purchasing decisions more than anywhere in the world.

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