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24 July 2012 0 Comments

Below is the weekly roundup of recent articles that should help you better understand the constantly changing dynamics of China's marketplace.  This week you'll get insights into understanding Chinese consumers, branding in China, the Internet in China, Chinese tourists, and the regular favorite, food and beverages in China.

Understanding Chinese Consumers

What Chinese Consumers Want: Some good snippets from Chinese advertising veteran Tom Doctoroff from his new book 'What Chinese Want'.

Surprise! Consumer 2.0 In China Wants Unknown Brands: It was bound to happen – Chinese breaking conformity to seek individuality from 1.34 billion others.

Brands in China

New Lease on Life for Some Old Brands: Just as is happening in many countries, Chinese consumers are getting nostalgic and are becoming increasingly interested purchasing some of their old brands again.

Chinese Brands Lose to Western Labels: Four years ago, Chinese sportswear brands were booming in China. Now they're losing out to Western giants such as Nike and Adidas.

The top ten things to con­sider before launch­ing your brand in China: Some good China Brand 101 tips to ensure your brand is living by. Especially helpful for newbies to China

The Internet in China

Brand websites play key role in China: If you're selling in China, make sure your website is up to scratch. A recent poll has found that Chinese consumers view company websites as the biggest drivers of awareness and purchase intent.

Chinese Tourists

Chinese Travelers Seek Experience, Not Treadmill Tourism: The increasing trend of Chinese tourists changing from just tour parties on buses following around a guide with an umbrella and loud speaker.

What Chinese Want – Interview Part I: Another interview with Tom Doctoroff about his new book 'What Chinese Want' containing some interesting observations about Chinese consumers. One relevant observation about Chinese tourists is that they are more interested in purchasing luxury goods or “collecting” destinations for show off purposes back home than experiencing other cultures.

Food & Beverage in China

Guest post: PepsiCo’s 30 years in China – chips and chopsticks: Exporting Food & Beverage to China? A few brief words of wisdom from PepsiCo's CEO Indra Nooyi on one of China's first foreign brands.

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