Mark Tanner
1 August 2012 0 Comments

Here are this week's highlights of articles that should give you a deeper insight into the dynamic art of selling your wares to Chinese consumers. This week you can feast your eyes on information about understanding Chinese consumers, branding in China, the Internet in China, outbound Chinese tourists, car tastes, luxury goods and film in China.

Understanding Chinese Consumers

Middle class ready to spend in China: Some interesting statistics on Chinese consumer habits and intentions for household purchases resulting from a survey of middle class Chinese.

What Chinese Want: More valuable insights on Chinese consumers from author Tom Doctoroff, such as strong brands successfully crossing into numerous categories and keeping communications simple as there is a lot of clutter – the average consumer in Shanghai sees three times as many adverts as their UK equivalent every day.

Branding in China

The importance of a good Chinese brand name: Some important considerations when choosing a Chinese brand name, plus some good examples. To hear the pronunciation of your brand name, here's a helpful tool.

The Internet in China

Mobile phones trump computers among online Chinese: If you have a website as part of your strategy to sell in the China market (we hope you do), make sure it's mobile-friendly as more Chinese are now going online on their mobiles than their PCs.

Outbound Chinese Tourists

The changing Chinese traveler: The 25 million first-time travelers that come from China every year aren't all part of tour parties as they once were, they're knowledgeable, sophisticated, tech-savvy, mainly younger than 45, and not just living in Shanghai & Beijing.

Car Tastes

Chinese consumers lean towards European Cars: An interesting swing in Chinese automobile tastes sees the preference for European cars increase from 25% to 35% in 4 years – mainly at the expense of Japanese brands.

Luxury Goods

What Chinese luxury consumers want: An infograph illustrating what luxury items Chinese consumers are talking about online.

Film in China

Hollywood thrives in China: A 3:27 video with some good background information about the Hollywood film industry in China.

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