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8 March 2017 0 Comments

Here are this week’s news and highlights for China:

Consumers,  Chinese Consumers

How Trump Has Shaken The Reputation Of American Brands In China: A month since Trump became president, there have been drastic shifts in the sentiment of Chinese consumers towards U.S. companies and the products and services that they offer. Chinese consumers should be a core ingredient in the pursuit of “making American great again.”

Infographic: Trump’s Effect on Chinese Consumers: How Chinese consumer sentiment has changed across 15 categories of American products and services.  What would Chinese consumers say to Trump if they had him around for dinner?

Trump Could Deliver More Chinese Tourists and Students for Australia: Trump will have a wider impact as Chinese consumers develop affinities with food, property, fashion, health and other products when visiting other foreign countries. Countries like New Zealand also stand to benefit too if they execute well.

China’s Richest Win, Mexican Billionaires Lose With Trump Effect: Chinese and Russian billionaires have benefitted the most since Trump was elected in November according to a Bloomberg report. China’s three dozen billionaires have seen their fortunes increase by 13.2% since election day with 28 Russian billionaires 10.5% richer.

Three Sectors to Watch for Growth Opportunities in China: Education, health care and entertainment in China are the three picks for growth according to a 500 Startups Fund Manager. The Chinese education market is expected to almost double from ¥1.6 trillion in 2015 (US$233 billion) to ¥2.9 trillion by 2020 according to Deloitte.

Chinese and American Consumers Have Different Ideas About What Makes a Product Creative: For a product to be creative to Chinese, it isn’t enough that an idea is a breakthrough.  They also look at whether the idea itself has proven broad appeal whereas American’s think something is less creative if it is mass market.

Online: Digital China

One Startup Builds $1 Billion Business Out of 15-Cent Bike Rides: One of the strangest, most colourful battles in the technology world has created its first unicorn.

Premium Food & Beverage

Why Advertising Safety Isn’t Safe: An interesting study into Chinese infant formula brand Beingmate found that including safety and traceability messaging negatively affected sales, particularly among higher income groups.

[Tested]: Making a Cake with a Rice Cooker in 20 Minutes: A great idea from Israeli startup UgaUga, tapping into Chinese consumers’ growing love for baking and the fact that many don’t have an oven. Currently only available on WeChat.

Chengdu Noodle Vendor Becomes Overnight Celebrity Thanks to his Fierce Dance Moves: Spirited dance moves and flirty facial expressions has turned around sales for a struggling noodle shop in Sichuan. The shop’s “Longevity Noodles” are an ancient tradition where one long noodle is stretched and turned to fill a bowl.

Overseas Chinese Tourists

Hyatt Uses Oscars Stage to Launch Campaign on Understanding: Hyatt launched its year-long ad campaign aimed at promoting cultural understanding in the ad break of the Oscars, with the background tune “What the world needs now is love.” The main target countries are China, the U.S. and India.

Video and Entertainment

China Box Office Flatlines in 2016: After expanding 48% to $6.78 billion in 2015, China’s box office grew just 5% last year. Foreign films fared best accounting for 43.5% of takings, up from 38.4% in 2015.

Investments & Property

Chinese Investors Buy 35% of Residential Land in Australia: Chinese investors spent A$2.4 billion purchasing residential land in Australia in 2016, accounting for 35% of all Australian real estate trade according to Knight Frank. The amount of real estate bought by Chinese consumers was seventeen times greater than in 2012.

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