Mark Tanner
17 September 2013 0 Comments

WeChat has become hugely popular in China. The smartphone app has an estimated 400 million users in China– not bad given there are 464 million Internet-connected mobiles in total. Since launching in 2011, WeChat has become one of the most popular ways for Chinese consumers to communicate.

Although WeChat is best known as a messaging app, new and interesting features are regularly added. One of the most exciting new features on WeChat 5.0 is the barcode scanner. Any business selling to Chinese consumers should take note, as it is likely to play a part in influencing the way people shop in China. China Skinny’s Tracy Dai demonstrates WeChat’s barcode scanner in the following 2:30 minute video and shows how mobile commerce is reshaping retail in China.

In China and can’t view YouTube? Click here to watch the video on Youku.