Mark Tanner
Mark Tanner
20 August 2012 0 Comments

Sina Weibo’s latest registered user count stands at 368 million on 30 June 2012, according to Sina’s quarterly financial report. The user numbers are well up on the last count of 324 million users at 22 May 2012, indicating that Chinese netizens seem relatively unfazed by the negative commentary about censorship, a 3-day period of blocked comments in April and some limited services thereafter. Chinese netizens realise this inconvenience is a necessary evil to receive the overwhelming benefits of sharing their voice and hearing other’s on Weibo.

Although the 368 million people account for just a little over a quarter of China’s population, they are generally the most educated, highest earning, urban dwelling opinion leaders, who represent the highly-prized Chinese consumers spending up a storm. 

Sina’s Q2 report also indicated Weibo also has 36.5 million active users daily.  The growth and usage further cements Weibo's position as China's number one social network.

The Weibo Facts

  • 368 million registered users China’s Sina Weibo on June 30, 2012
  • 36.5 million active users daily on Sina Weibo