Mark Tanner
13 September 2012 0 Comments

Chinese netizens are big Internet users.  According to a Boston Consulting report in early 2012, China’s 513 million Internet users were online for 2.7 hours every day – more than any other country except Japan’s 2.9 hours. 

So during these 2.7 hours, just when do Chinese use Weibo the most?  What’s the most effective time to post or view microblogs?  You only need to remember two numbers – 10 & 12. 

Weibo users are most active in the two hour period between 10am-12 noon CST (China Standard Time), the perfect precursor to a yummy lunch, and then again between 10pm and midnight, catching up on everything before they get to bed.  As China’s timezone is 12 hours ahead of New York (EST) during the warmer months of daylight savings, and 13 hours in the cooler months, which means if you’re posting on Weibo in NYC, the peak times are the same in summer.   

Best Time To Post on Weibo

Weibo users are least likely to be blogging, conversing and catching up on opinions & news during the wee hours of 3am-7am.

30% of Weibo users login every day, contributing to the 25 million posts made daily.  Alexa has estimated that the Weibo users spend an average of 15 minutes per day.  A McKinsey & Co. study reported that Chinese Internet users spend 46 minutes a day on average on Social Media sites– about 25% more than Americans about more than five times the Japanese.  


Weibo Facts

  • China had 513 million Internet users at the beginning of 2012
  • On average, Chinese are online 2.7 hours a day
  • 10am – 12pm (CST) & 10pm – 12am are the busiest periods on Weibo
  • 3am-7am are the quietest periods on Weibo
  • 30% of Weibo users log on every day
  • 25 million posts are sent daily on Weibo