Real-time dairy data at a glance.

Dairy brands can now make timely and qualified decisions based on accurate and up-to-date data and trends from China’s fast-evolving dairy market, thanks to China Skinny’s interactive dashboard.


Compiling data from the largest B2C and CBEC platform, Tmall, and a quarterly survey conducted with 1,600 dairy consumers in China, the dashboard provides dairy brands with category-specific info to:

• Understand the latest trend in dairy and its key drivers
• Identify market opportunities (optimal and trending products, formats, price points, marketing claims)
• Learn from best performing / fastest growing competitors (through examples and case studies)
• Optimise marketing, product development and channel strategy by geography and demographics’ specific behaviour and preference
• Evaluate your brand’s and products’ performance against the industry and key competitors

China Dairy Data Coverage:

• Insights and analysis from the top-120 products in terms of monthly sales on Tmall, across every dairy category
• Quarterly survey data from 1,600 Chinese dairy consumers.


Dairy Categories Analysed:

Liquid Milk, Milk Powder, Infant Formula, Yoghurt, Flavoured Drinks, Probiotic Drinks, Drinking Yoghurt, Ice Cream, Cheese, Butter, Cream and Yoghurt Bites.


china dairy tracker features


The Interactive China Dairy Dashboard

The Tracker’s dashboard provides a wealth of up-to-date information including category performance, monthly performance, pricing distribution, market mapping by brand, category consumption, perceptions of origin, product claim consumption and performance, segment performance, compelling features and preferred channels, all which can be sliced and diced based on user needs. Below are just two examples of what you’ll see.


China dairy category consumption and potential

By understanding dairy categories by Sales, Buyers base size and consumers purchase intentions, brands can identify the strategic focuses for each category. For example, consumers of Drinking Yogurt, Probiotics Drinks and Flavoured Drinks are a relatively small base but they intend to continue purchasing the category. Brands should encourage category trial. Cheese and Milk Powder enjoy a larger consumer base but building consumption habits in the category is key to growth. Brands can also understand seasonal variations in demand for products to optimise marketing calendars in addition to making decisions based on the full picture, rather than preferences at one point of time.


To complement the insights derived from online sales, the dashboard includes data from China Skinny’s quarterly China Dairy Category Consumer Sentiment & Behaviour Survey, which explores Chinese consumers’ sentiment and purchase intent for dairy products. This can be sliced and diced by geography, demographic, income and family makeup, to allow laser-focused decisions specific to the target market.

compelling China milk and dairy product features and claims

Brands can identify the most desirable product features, brand characteristics and claims, assisting branding and communications teams, and their agencies, to understand which features, positioning and messaging are most resonant for their target market and how this is changing over time. Similarly, product development teams can track which product features hold the most appeal to consumers and identify trends through the longitudinal data. As Chinese consumer preferences can vary between region and demographic, insights can be drilled down to allow targeted product and positioning optimisation by target segment.

The China Skinny Dairy Tracker’s up-to-date data and dashboard format allows brands to have a deep understanding of the market and how it is changing to adapt marketing and channel strategies, communications and positioning, and product development to maximise your ROI in China.

The short videos below provide short examples of how you can use the China Skinny Dairy Tracker to improve your performance in China.



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China dairy whitepaperChina Dairy Whitepaper

View relevant data from the dairy category and see successful marketing case studies from some of the successful dairy brands in China in this whitepaper.

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