How to Sell More in China

China Skinny provides a full suite of interrelated marketing, research and digital services across a range of industries. Every project and campaign we do is tailored to our client's unique needs and objectives, tapping into our vast experience, in-depth market knowledge and tools, and relationships throughout China. We aim to work with our clients through the different stages of their China journey. Below are examples of the type of work we do. Please contact us to discuss how China Skinny's services can be tailored to your needs.


    Research is core to China Skinny’s DNA. From desk-based research to qualitative research in China’s hinterland, China Skinny will develop a research solution that helps you understand your prospective customers and their purchase journeys, consumer perceptions, competitors, sales and distribution channels and geographic opportunities.
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    Entry & Growth Strategy

    China Skinny will work with you to identify your key needs for entering the China market and assist you in understanding China’s unique characteristics, opportunities and challenges. Better understand localisation, product positioning, identifying and evaluating distributors, key sales channels ​as well as general marketing strategies ​that are effective when looking to enter China as well as improve market share for products and services already in China.
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    Trend Analysis

    China has become the most dynamic market in the world. Between 1979 to now, China’s market has experienced more change than any other market in the history of commerce. With more than 500 new products and services launching every day, Chinese consumers are used to a constantly evolving market. Changes that have taken place over decades in Western markets, can happen in less than 12-months in China. China Skinny understands Chinese consumers intimately and are second to none in assisting your business to identify and stay ahead of relevant trends in the market and changes in preferences.
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    City & Region Insights

    China requires a localised strategy. Within the market each city and region is unique and often needs its own localised strategies. Consumers in Tier 1 cities can be quite different to those in lower tier cities; even shoppers in Beijing will have different needs from those in Shanghai. China Skinny will help you identify these variances and pinpoint which geographies are most appropriate for your products and services.Understand the scales and opportunities of China’s cities with the City-Nator> View case studies >

    Branding & Positioning

    China Skinny will help you ensure that your positioning and brand resonates with your Chinese target market by assisting in developing, testing and trademarking China-specific logos, brand names, slogans and concepts.
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    Digital & O2O Execution

    Digital has become the most targeted and cost-effective channel to reach the most relevant Chinese consumer groups. China Skinny will ensure that your digital marketing is planned and executed effectively, to resonate and engage with your target market. With most Chinese now going online through their smartphone, it is important that relevant offline channels are fully integrated with online initiatives. Our most common digital services are:
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  • Web Design

    web_designDesigning China-optimised websites, containing content that is relevant for each stage of customer journey, that is likely to engage visitors, be shared, and ultimately lead to conversion
  • SEO & SEM

    seoIncreasing your website’s presence in search engines such as Baidu and Qihoo and other online channels, defining the right balance between paid, earned and owned media
  • Social Media

    social_mediaCreating and delivering social media campaigns that resonates with the target market and is appropriate for the specific platform such as WeChat and Weibo
Please contact us to discuss how China Skinny’s services can be tailored to your needs.