“Fresh Food” has become the main theme on Chinese tables as consumers are increasingly attracted to a healthy lifestyle.

Newly released insights from Alibaba’s 2017 China Household Table Consumption Trends Report outline Chinese consumers’ preferences and considerations when buying fresh products online. 60.5% of all fresh food available in China is sold online, increasing 26% from 2014-2016.

With quality, diversity, nutrition and convenience being important criteria, foreign brands that cater to busy urban lifestyles and customers’ needs are preferred. Fruit, meat and seafood from Australasia, South-East Asia and South America are among the most popular goods with categories like beef and shrimp rising 6-fold.

These trends show great opportunities for quality food brands, but it is crucial to be aware of the differences in customer segments and regions, and knowing how to cater to them in a discerning market like Mainland China.

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