The City-Nator: Understand the Scale of China's Cities

Most people have heard of China’s megalopolises like Beijing and Shanghai, but how about Mudanjiang in Heilongjiang? It’s one of the 112 cities with more people than New Zealand. Much of China’s growth now comes from its ‘smaller’ cities and by 2020, 75% of China’s 280 million affluent consumers will live in one. China’s lower-tier cities are typically less served by Western brands, but still account for 65% of FMCG sales. Of China’s top-10 cities by GDP per capita, seven are tier-3 or lower, presenting significant opportunities for well targeted and localised strategies. Try out our City Nator below to understand the scale of opportunities in China’s hinterland, based on populations of Prefecture Level cities across China.
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with a combined total of:
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